G+: ‘The Forge and Working-house of Thought’


G+: ‘The Forge and Working-house of Thought’*

(Digital Storytelling 106)

Even though I am busy finishing up teaching a full semester of 4 English courses, I find spare time to participate in my #DS106 daily creates, the recently hatched collabogiffing storytelling project and the very new #GifaChrome and #GlitchaChrome labs.

I participate mostly on Google Plus which I can easily access on my Iphone; one quick click on the go and I’m in my DS106 Community- posting my creations, commenting on other projects and running an ongoing conversation with fellow digital storytelling addicts. I devote a portion of each day to creative thought and production. I love the spontaneity of dialogue on G+ in response to the many daily postings.

Here is an example of one of my spontaneous creations: Today, Stephen Downes posted a humorous photo of himself on G+, claiming his rightful leadership role in MOOCdom by titling himself the ‘The Duke of Mooc’. I glitched and giffed the photograph at my suggestion to Stephen and at his generous “Feel free!” to do this invitation. I wanted to add to the humor of the image and add the dimension of technology’s role in disruptive innovation. I posted the result to G+ and it was then Tweeted out by Mariana Funes of #DS106.

  1. It takes a powerful man to ride the glitchy bull, that’s the Duke of MOOC

    Not only does ride a steer in Texas, the Duke of MOOC gets some glitch love from


Some other G+ responses to my glitched and giffed image of Downes’ photograph.


 Thank you! Speaks to Downes’ innovations, doesn’t it?

 It sure does, +janet webster.  I am learning about Downes’ work this season as it informs my graduate work regarding online education. I think Downes’ may also deserve a layercake treatment from +John Johnston for the way he’s really thought/contributed outside the box. Maybe once I learn the layercake secrets, I’ll return to Downes as a subject.
The glitched and giffed Downes’ photograph was then transformed into this short video by me at the prompting of a Daily Create.
Another fun, spontaneous creation of mine was the result of looking carefully over the giffi.us story last night (after 5 hours of marking English exams) and realizing that there was a mix-up of characters in the collaborative story. I took the story image back to the  Bunuel film surrealism we began with to try and lend some cohesion to the mashed-up genres of our story. I tried to enhance the serene eeriness of this woman’s  beauty which is juxtaposed with what we know to be the next frame in Bunuel’s film. Somehow the animation and coloration of the giff add to the beauty and to the unsettling suspense.
My story text: Claire, having witnessed tragedy unfold before her eyes……
I used the same technique for creating this glitchy giff as I did for the Downes giff above. I used a glitch generator to create about 6 or 7 still glitched images. I then used a gif maker to generate the gif out of my saved glitched images.
Today, my creation caught the attention of Rochelle Lockridge of DS106 on G+ who scooped it for her prototype in the newly formed DS106 GlitchaChrome lab.
Posted to Google Plus today
 The GIFaChrome labs are developing a new wide image format GLITCHaChrome. +janet webster allowed them to use her giffi.us glitched image of Claire for the first prototype. Thanks to  +Mariana Funes for facilitating this interaction.
G+posts in response to this GlitchaChrome prototype based on my creation.

 GIFaChrome labs are on the bleeding edge. I wouldn’t be surprised if social media platforms begin a bidding war.

Wouldn’t that be funny if someone actually picked up on our story?

Okay we are not selling to Facebook no matter how much they pay :o)

+Mariana Funes You may change your mind.  When Mark Zuckerberg decides he wants something, he can make it worth your while.  Kodak or Hasselblad might be interested in acquiring us too. 🙂
The DS106 G+ community has become a sort of forge and working-house of remixed thought for riffing photography, video, giffs, blogs, stories, ideas. There are daily contributions and innovations by worldwide DS106 members. There are no leaders, no content owners, rather we actively learn from each other in a fun, spontaneous, asynchronous and somewhat random way. Many creative prompts are the result of the DS106 daily creates sent to our emails or Twitter accounts , but both the Giffi.us and GifaChrome projects were spawned spontaneously through G+conversations and remixed productions (see my blog post “A Storied Gif is Born”).

*Thank you Shakespeare (Henry V, Prologue)

“In the quick forge and working-house of thought,
How London doth pour out her citizens.”
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