Open Online Experience 2013




Open Online Experience 2013  (#OOE13)

‘The end product of tech is innovation’

From the work of Alec Couros (U. of Regina) and many other creators of Etmooc, comes Open Online Experience 2013 which begins September 4. I am one of the many co- creators of OOE13, having met my virtual colleagues online last spring while taking etmooc (Educational technology  and media Mooc).

OOE13 is a year long, professional development program for K-16 educators focussing on edtech integration but also introducing participants to the open education movement, to new educational concepts such as digital citizenship, digital literacy and digital storytelling. Participants will be prompted to blog their experiences openly on the web, to comment on blogs they find interesting and begin creating multimedia resources which they can share with others in OOE13- even possibly use in their teaching.

Some schools and institutions have elected to support their educators who are taking OOE and will be awarding formal PD credentials as well as forming school specific groups. All participants should find that the online networking and sharing becomes one of the most worthwhile aspects of of the program experience in the spirit of connectivism.

The program’s architecture on the web mimics the organization modeled by etmooc, combining a central WordPress hub with various social network feeds such as Twitter and Google+ into the central WP site. Mentors are also embedded in  the program; these mentors are educators who have previous experience participating in connectivist Moocs and are able to answer the many questions participants may have along the way. Synchronous sessions are blended with asynchronous resource delivery for maximum flexibility in order to accomodate educators’ busy timetables. The co- creators of OOE13 believe that this mode of PD delivery can optimize edtech learning for educators K-12 and post-secondary.

OOE13 will be awarding badges for skills gained and creations made throughout the program. Participants will also have the opportunity to determine skill sets they have gained through self directed learning and  be awarded badges based on these.

Some notes about OOE13 collaborations:

The logo for OOE13 was the joint effort of Glenn Hervieux, Janet Webster, Jennifer Stellings.


The OOE13 organization chart was a collaborative effort between Janet Webster and Christina Hendricks.


The conceptualization of OOE 13 is that of Brendan Murphy with assistance and expertise from many valuable and dedicated educators. For a list of co- creators, see the WP site.

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