Summer 2013 Digital Storytelling 106


Summer 2013 Digital Storytelling 106 

(that’s Jim Groom down there doing his thing this summer, inspiring us all to create, daily)

My Introduction: DS106 has come well recommended by my virtual collaborators in other connectivist Mooc type cjim_groom_danceourses this year such as #Etmooc and Mozilla’s #Teachtheweb. I am an English prof. in Vancouver, BC learning all the web tricks I can to enhance my online courses. This intro is brief after a day of wake boarding in Deep Cove, BC (not me in the picture, me in the boat), catching up on a cMooc development with co-conspirators and now needing to catch up on some sleep before ds106 launches tomorrow morning. Looking forward to the creativity challenges.

Click the image below!!


May Creations (migrating from #etmooc to #teachtheweb to #ds106) Connectivist Learning!!

A #teachtheweb collaboration remixed from
Clint Lalonde for #teachtheweb
Collaborators: Janet Webster, Emma Irwin,, Vivek Ananth, Sheri Edwards


June-August Creations

Here is a portfolio of some of my other Summer 2013 #DS106 projects……

My opening scene to a Twilight Zone episode entitled “L’Aventura”.

Maui August 2010 042

My ‘headless me gif.’ Click the image!


Click here for my ‘Dance Jim Groom’ You Tube Project.

Here is a superimposed photo of me using another DS106 photo called ‘Sunburst’ by Rockylou22.


Here is a superimposed photo of an older me onto a baby me, I’m calling ‘CapeCodOlderMe’. Decided not to make it creepy by replacing heads, as in older head on toddler body.


More musings…………………………..


Daily Create TDC578

Vielen dank, Heidi!
Although you are not a supernatural character in children’s literature, I loved your character because you loved the mountains. I always pictured myself in the dizzying and rugged heights of the Alps, sleeping on a bed of hay with an open loft window to the pine -scented air. It all seemed so idyllic in the story, far removed from the crush of the city life I lived in as a child. Now, a BC girl, I have hiked many ranges, slept under the stars in the alpine and lived on simple foods while trekking in the freshest, oxygen- rich air. I love the outdoors, and I’m passionate about my province- my life in BC is as close as I can get to my childhood fantasies of living like you, Heidi, in the Alps.
Danke schoen,

And still more………..

Also, proud recipient of My first Mozilla Badge!! (Mentor)


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6 Responses to Summer 2013 Digital Storytelling 106

  1. Fantastic–glad you’re going to do it too! You managed to do something right that I didn’t do…your blog showed up on ds106 blog flow, but mine hasn’t (checking into it as we speak). I think it’s going to be fun, though I know I’ll wish I had more time to work on stuff. Too many commitments, as you well know!

    • janlynn2013 says:

      Thank you, Christina! The trick is in the categories, I’ve discovered-you need digital storytelling in the URL for them to accept your blog into their blog hub. I learned my lesson with #teachtheweb. Create a category for your Digital Storytelling blogs and creations on your Blog site. It’s better for readers anyway as you develop your writing ‘canon’ / nobody likes to scroll through blogs posts anyway / readers can pick and choose topics.

  2. CogDog says:

    Actually there is no requirement for urls, we can handle any kind. If your blog is used solely for ds106 work, then you don’t have to use tags or categories.

    It’s been a joy to see your contributions and creations this summer, Jan, and hope you continue in the fall. See if you can rope some other UBC faculty to step into the headless game

  3. Nice collection! Great idea to put everything together. My stuff is distributed all over the place–on my UBC blog, my Tumblr blog, and the Daily Create pages. I should have been keeping track of the Daily Creates I did, just for myself to be able to look back on later…I love seeing what I did in the past and remembering how fun it was! Perhaps I’ll start doing that from now on.

    • janlynn2013 says:

      Yes, I was waiting to get a collection before I posted another blog entry. I was surprised how much I had actually created, had forgotten about some of them-had to dig through my tweets to find some.

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